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RaceFlux is an American company specialized in the production and sale of automotive accessories. Located in Florida, the company has a large product catalog.

But how such expertise could be shown to the customers? The initial idea of creating a website should contain both the online store and a section to demonstrate the company's vast knowledge of the subject.

Visual Design

We decided to separate the online store from the informational site. Through the RaceFlux website, the user would find more details of the technology behind the manufactured products. Illustrations and diagrams throughout the site would provide these details and would also position the company as a leading supplier of products to the automotive industry

The transition to the online store - AnHose Fittings - is simple, with the click of a button the user accesses the entire store of the company. We opted for the development of the platform through Magento.

Final product

Through a series of posts that invited users to actively participate in social networks and campaigns that deconstructed the way advertising was being made in this industry, the public began to grow and be more loyal to the brand. Data showed that the engagement was 1% in social networks and after a new planning and execution, the numbers exceeded 20% of engagement on social medias

Creating this campaign was not only a chance to leverage the company's digital sales through a higher rate of engagement in social networks. but also a way of showing how the change of attitude in a company's communication can change people's days.

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