Travelling with ease and stress-free
With 1000+ employees, ClickOn, in Brazil, was the first online experience agency. Offering the best of each city, travel packages, as well as differentiated products, in a simple, safe and fun way.

The expansion of the company was so great that today it has operations in other countries in South America. In Argentina, it is a leader in the discount coupons market.

The idea of redesigning the website also opened the possibility to restructure the Visual Design of the brand. With operations in several countries, the final product should be flexible yet consistent enough to adapt itself to the most different languages and cultures of each country.

Visual and Atomic Design

Due to the high volume of pages and visual elements, we would need to work with a consistent visual design. This project was my first experience with Atomic Design.

Final product

Thanks to the solutions proposed, the team was able to create a website that mirrored the company’s innovative ideas.

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