Making beauty
quem disse, berenice? is a Brazilian cosmetic company. It is a sub-brand of O Boticário - the largest cosmetics franchise in the world, with approximately 4100 stores divided between Europe and America. Unlike Boticario, who has a more traditional and conservative communication, quem disse, Berenice? is positioned as a young, happy and open-minded company.

Despite the support of the main brand, quem disse, berenice? seeks to find its own space in Brazil's competitive cosmetic market. The company is recent and found in the digital media a chance to reach its target audience. From this analysis, it was found that a greater presence in social networks would be necessary. Through digital campaigns, the company also sought greater awareness.

Visual Design

Working on this project was extremely inspiring. A connection between the most diverse areas allowed complete and detailed feedbacks and inputs. We found the solution in a tone of voice that reflected the one lived by the people who worked in the company: light, relaxed and open-minded. 

We chose to use images that showed the product applied to women's skin instead of showing the product as a hero, decontextualized from real life, so we could associate the product and the company as a way for women to feel even more beautiful.

Breaking with this old concept of cosmetic brands, we have been able to convert more and more consumers to the company's fan base. A loyalty club, which had been set aside, was revived and the incredible engagement of these consumers enabled the success of the digital campaign to be taken offline.

And so the Kiss Day campaign was born, which as the main idea, allowed consumers to change any lipstick of any brand (new or used) for a brand new lipstick. Since then, year after year, the brand continues with its Kiss Day, increasingly expected and acclaimed.

Final product

Through a series of posts that invited users to actively participate in social networks and campaigns that deconstructed the way advertising was being made in this industry, the public began to grow and be more loyal to the brand. Data showed that the engagement was 1% in social networks and after a new planning and execution, the numbers exceeded 20% of engagement on social medias

Creating this campaign was not only a chance to leverage the company's digital sales through a higher rate of engagement in social networks. but also a way of showing how the change of attitude in a company's communication can change people's days.

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