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District 28 is an 18,000 sq-ft factory turned multi-media facility located in Toronto. Thanks to an enviable infrastructure, the services offered range from a simple coffee in the Bistro Bar, a Wedding in one of the Studios and a big community of small businesses on the WorkSpaces.

But how was this little village left unnoticed for so long? This was the first problem to be faced. Increasing the presence of the brand has been a constant task of the marketing department, but this work would be in vain if the company did not provide the consumer with a solid online and offline experience.

One of the strengths of the company was also the most challenging. The six subdivisions of the company - WorkSpaces, Events, Studios, Catering, Bistro Bar and Entertainment - should be treated individually due to the unique feature of each yet without losing its importance and its relationship with the main brand.

How to effectively communicate each of these sub-brands and still associate them with District 28? We began with this question our problematization and step by step a plan was drawn to achieve the objectives.

First Steps

Brand Redesign

District 28 was a mark of incredible potential but very inconsistent in online and offline media. Despite the stark difference between the sub-brands, we knew it was necessary to find a common ground and find a global solution for the whole company. So we started to create a Brand Styleguide

Brand Styleguides

A solution still somewhat underestimated but an impressive efficiency is the implementation of a style guide for the brand. So we were able to find common ground between the sub-brands and finally explore an unknown path to the brand through a consistent system of fonts, colors, the tone of voice and images

New Websites

A lot of work should be done from a digital point of view. With a performance well below expectations, the sites did not converge, presented usability flaws and problems in being able to transmit their message through this medium.

Only through a complete redesign of all the sites would it be possible to solve these problems. Among some of the implemented solutions, the most efficient ones were a navigation bar at the top of the page that allows the user to navigate between the most important divisions of the brand and a global footer that offers more details of all the services provided by the company. 

SEO Optimisation

The old ranking of the pages in the most important search engines contributed to a poor performance in the digital environment. With an exceptional partnership with the marketing department, we worked on the performance of the site in different aspects: from the time it takes for the pages to load up to a reformulation of the texts and tags of the pages.

Final product

Through a well-executed work since the planning stage, the results were very satisfactory


District 28 WorkSpaces is ranked as one of the first options in search engines on this subject. Occasional mentions on blogs and magazines enabled the company to move from a total of approximately 10% capacity to 100% spikes in a 6-month period, making them opt for opening more coworking office on the spot. 


The Events division also had a very interesting performance. Large companies now choose the establishment to advertise their products and expose their materials. The latest case of success was the presentation of the new Pixel 2, by Google, while simultaneously connected to the product release in San Francisco.


The number of visits and goals achieved through the new websites have increased approximately 200%.

Source: Analytics

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