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Daily allows creators to sell their media via mobile recurring subscriptions, thereby creating profitable businesses, even at small scale, without relying on ads, sponsorship, or donations.

When we created the brand from scratch, we knew that in dealing with religious and educational content, we would run into the culture of each people. Communicating in a respectful and efficient manner each of the world's great religions may have been one of the greatest successes we find after a hard study collecting references and data about each religion. The learning was enormous!

Visual Design

Given the large number of applications that could be created, the solution we found was to find a master structure so we could replicate the content. It was weeks of study until we found a workable solution that meets the needs of the user by offering a fun and educational experience.

Religions were divided into themes. Palettes of colors were extracted from the most diverse contents already created on the subject: paintings, scriptures, books, architecture ...

The next step was to create a visual identity for the brand. Something that could encompass all cultures within the concept of the brand to offer fun and education during the day.

It also should be light, humanized and we didn't have second thoughts deciding that it should be something handwritten and organic. Through illustrations we can also convey the concept that through our cell phones, we can connect with the most diverse cultures and religions in the world. All for the sake of self-improvement.

Final product

Focused on entertainment, self-improvement and education apps, the brand is already present in 100+ countries. More than 10 apps launched in less than 3 months on App Store, with a big number of engaged and subscribed users, willed to pursue knowledge while having fun!

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